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What is Hospice?

Hospice is a healthcare option that specializes in providing care and comfort to patients and families who are dealing with terminal illness. The hospice is a dedicated team of experts in medical care that provide pain management, emotional, and spiritual support. The goal of hospice is not to prolong the life of the patient or hasten death, but to provide palliative (comfort) care in order to ease the suffering and improve the quality of life of the patient, when the illness no longer responds to curative treatments. Hospice specializes in controlling pain and discomfort the patients may have, in the comfort of their own home. The hospice will also provide service in skilled nursing facilities, as well as other long-term care facilities. In addition to the physical care of the patient, the hospice also provides emotional, social, and spiritual aid for the patient and family. The hospice also provides bereavement services to the family in order to help them grieve and cope with the pain of a loved one’s passing.
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